Early Childhood

CURRICULUM: Wetlands Text Wetland Plant Guide  Additional Links: The Chesapeake Bay Program has a great write-up on wetlands here: https://www.chesapeakebay.net/issues/wetlands
Fun Stuff to Do: Growing Up WILD Gummy Worm Dissection Growing Up Wild Ww Lettering Page Growing Up WILD Worm
Fun stuff to do: Chesapeake Scavenger Hunt A Chesapeake Scavenger Hunt B  Bb Lettering Page Bay Lettering Page Bb Lettering
There are many actions that individuals can take to lessen their impact on the Chesapeake Bay.  In this lesson, students
Scientists classify fish based on certain shared characteristics.  Let’s identify some features that all fish have in common.   https://youtu.be/FIDdbxvhK2w
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