Watershed Watch

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All living things change throughout their lives. Plants and animals are born, grow up, and eventually die. This process is
Birds are animals with backbones with a beak, wings, feathers, two legs, lay eggs, and are warm-blooded. Some birds, like
The days are getting longer, and the nights are getting shorter. Do you know what that means? Spring is coming!
Camouflage helps animals survive in their habitat. It can help animals hide from predators (animals that might eat them). For
Animals make their homes in lots of different habitats. But sometimes, the environment doesn't feel quite right... something is missing!
Ages 3-5 / FREE! / 20-30 Mins. Fridays, January 22-April 9 Virtual Toddler Time lets children explore the natural world
Reptiles are a type of cold-blooded animal with a backbone, dry, scaly skin, and lays eggs. Turtles, lizards, and snakes
Did you know that water can be a solid, liquid, or gas?!? Snow is a special form of solid water
February is here, and we all know what that means, Groundhog Day is near! Legend has it; if a groundhog
Fish are animals that live in the water and have backbones, gills, and fins. The Chesapeake Bay is home to